The first name that comes to mind when discussing the tech industry in California is often Silicon Valley, but it’s not the state’s only industry hotspot. Many venture capitalists have set their eyes on Los Angeles, and the city is quickly growing as an attractive locale for potential startups. Multiple Internet and TV providers offer service in the city for both businesses and residents, so you’ll have your pick of company whether you just need to check Facebook or you’re looking to watch the latest Los Angeles Angels game.

  • Almost 90% of Los Angeles residents have access to internet connections of 100 Mbps or higher. [1]
  • There are 20 different providers in Los Angeles that offer a fiber connection – the gold standard for speedy internet service. [2]
  • Starting from 2015, Los Angeles has ranked as the third most prolific entrepreneurial hub nationwide – and the tech industry is no exception. [3]

Top 3 providers: Best Internet, Best TV, Best Bundle

Top Internet Provider

Charter Spectrum

Top TV Provider


Top Bundle Provider

AT&T Internet

Best Internet: Charter Spectrum

Your best bet for a speedy internet connection in Los Angeles is Charter Spectrum. At 300 Mbps, their top speeds are three times faster than second place provider Charter Spectrum. Additionally, you can get a 100 Mbps connection for around $45 a month, which is more than sufficient for the majority of users.

Best TV: DirecTV

DirecTV is a leader nationwide in TV service, and they’re the best option in Los Angeles for standalone TV plans. With over 300 channels with premium plans, they’re the most comprehensive provider in the city. Plans are also usually less expensive, and the TiVo DVR and sports packages let you record your favorite programs and watch live games from teams like the Los Angeles Lakers

Best Bundle: AT&T + DirecTV

While AT&T offers speeds that are a decent amount slower than top providers in the city, the combination of high-speed internet with an excellent plan of hundreds of channels from DirecTV makes it the best bundle choice in Los Angeles. You’ll save significant amounts when compared to purchasing both services separately, and you’ll still be able to enjoy a speedy connection and comprehensive TV options.

What is the Cheapest Internet Provider in Los Angeles?

Cheap Internet options in Los Angeles. Image via 12019/Pixabay
There are multiple options for cheap internet in Los Angeles, but your best bet for maximum savings and a decently fast connection is Frontier Communications. With 30 Mbps at around $30 a month, you’ll enjoy great speeds without breaking the bank. However, if you’re willing to pay an extra $10 a month you can enjoy speeds of up to 100 Mbps from Charter Spectrum.

The city has good resources for free internet, too. Head down to your local library for access to a computer that can get you online at no cost to you. If you’re struggling to find a residential plan you can afford, you can also take a look at for more information about low-income internet subsidies.

What is the Cheapest TV Provider in Los Angeles?

The most affordable method of getting basic TV service is to buy an antenna, but if you’re looking for a wider selection of channels, there are options in Los Angeles that can give you a more comprehensive plan at a reasonable price.

Dish, DirecTV, and AT&T U-verse offer plans with over 100 channels for around $50. Out of those three options, I recommend going with DirecTV. It’s one of the best TV providers in the city, and offers good excellent sports packages for an additional fee that will keep you current with the Los Angeles Rams games.

Where can I watch Pac-12 Networks in Los Angeles?

Pac-12 Networks providers in Los AngelesRegional networks includedHD channels
AT&T U-VerseBay Area, Los AngelesYes
Dish NetworkNo
FiOS TV from FrontierBay Area, Los AngelesYes
Fubo TVArizona, Bay Area, Los Angeles, Mountain, Oregon, WashingtonNo
Layer3 TVArizona, Bay Area, Los Angeles, Mountain, Oregon, WashingtonYes
Sling TVArizona, Bay Area, Los Angeles, Mountain, Oregon, WashingtonNo
SpectrumArizona, Bay Area, Los Angeles, Mountain, Oregon, WashingtonNo
Cox CommunicationsLos AngelesYes

Los Angeles Tech and Startup Scene

As mentioned above, Silicon Valley is no longer the only big name when talking California tech. While Los Angeles hasn’t quite caught up with the Valley in terms of successful startups, it’s growing at a quick pace and is home to major industry players and fledgling businesses alike.

Property in the Valley is extremely expensive, and salaries are sky-high to match. Business owners are finding they can rent space and hire employees in Los Angeles for much cheaper, lowering the bar to entry for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Snap Inc.

In the past few years, Snap Inc’s social media app ‘Snapchat’ has taken the world by storm. Taking pictures and videos with funny filters has proven immensely popular skyrocketing the company to a valuation of $23 billion.

Dollar Shave Club

What started as a small grooming product delivery startup grew to a hugely successful company with a $1 billion valuation after a few viral YouTube advertisements.


HauteLook was a startup focused on fashionable clothing available at affordable prices. Their business model of limited time sales and deep discounts has struck a chord with consumers, and the company continues to grow after being acquired by Nordstrom.

TV, Culture, and Fun Facts About Los Angeles, California

  • After Thomas Edison acquired a huge amount of film patents, creatives moved westward to work without restrictions, leading to the start of Los Angeles as a huge center for TV and Film. [4]
  • The iconic Hollywood sign originally read “Holywoodland” [4]
  • L.A. is the third largest oil field in the United States. [4]

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