New York City is perhaps the most famous U.S. city, with a huge hotspot for commerce and culture, and a quickly growing tech industry. Whether you need blazing fast internet to stream your favorite shows, or TV service to catch the latest New York Yankees game, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from as providers vie for your business in “the city that never sleeps”.

  • Only 1% of residents and businesses in New York City have 1 or fewer available providers. [1]
  • More than 80 providers offer coverage inside New York City. [2]
  • ‘Silicon Alley’, NYC’s take on ‘Silicon Valley’ is a high tech hub that generated in excess of $7.3 billion of startup investments. [3]

Top 3 providers: Best Internet, Best TV, Best Bundle

Top Internet Provider

Skywire Networks

Top TV Provider


Top Bundle Provider

Verizon High Speed Internet

Best Internet: Skywire Networks

The best internet in the NYC region is Skywire fiber, with speeds available up to 1000 Mbps. Although prices for plans aren’t easily available online, the company offers extremely fast connections to Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan and is truly the “best” internet in the city. With the next best provider only offering 330 Mbps connections, it’s clear that Skywire just can’t be beat when it comes to speed.

Best TV: DirecTV

DirecTV is generally the best TV provider in New York City if you’re looking for a solo TV plan. The price is often much lower than traditional cable companies, while still offering a wide variety of channels and high-tech equipment. If you’re a New York Giants fan, make sure you take a look at their sports packages to keep up to date with the latest games.

Best Bundle: Verizon

When it comes to bundling services in NYC, Verizon is a truly premium option. Although you may pay a little more than some alternative services, they offer a huge selection of channels, great support for sports fans, and very fast internet. It a great company to buy from if you’re looking for both TV and Internet.

What is the Cheapest Internet Provider in New York City?

Cheap Internet options in New York.
Image via cripi/Pixabay
There are a wide selection of providers to choose from when it comes to cheap internet in New York, but your best bet if cost is a concern is probably RCN. At less than $30 a month for a 10 Mbps option, it completely outclasses competitors like Verizon who only offer 3 Mbps for a similar price. Saving on your monthly bill doesn’t necessarily mean you have to suffer from extremely slow speeds, and RCN offers quality service at an affordable price.

Keep in mind, too, that there are a variety of options for free internet available in a pinch. Public libraries are always a useful option if you’re looking to quickly check your email or browse the web. Additionally, consider taking a look at for low-income internet subsidies.

What is the Cheapest TV Provider in New York City?

If you’re looking for cheap TV, your best option short of using an antenna is going to be either Dish or DirecTV. Both offer TV plans starting at around $50, but I recommend DirecTV due to the higher quality of service and high-tech DVRs.

No matter which provider you choose, you’ll likely be able to take advantage of sports packages for an additional fee. While saving money is important, you won’t want to miss out on that upcoming New York Knicks game!

Where can I watch Pac-12 Networks in New York City?

Pac-12 Networks providers in New YorkRegional networks includedHD channels
Dish NetworkYes
fuboTVArizona, Bay Area, Los Angeles, Mountain, Oregon, WashingtonNo
Sling TVArizona, Bay Area, Los Angeles, Mountain, Oregon, WashingtonNo

New York City Tech and Startup Scene

As one of the premier centers worldwide for commerce and industry, it’s no surprise that companies flock to the city for increased profits and opportunities.

Although Silicon Valley is largely considered the hottest location when it comes to the tech industry, ‘Silicon Alley’ is seeing huge growth as industries collide and collaborate, using innovations in technology to drive their businesses forward.

Whether part of a technology behemoth or a startup with a dream, New York City offers huge opportunities for growth and success.

Amino Apps

With over 8 million in funding, Amino Apps has created an app that offers chat rooms for specific interests. You can find topics ranging from anime to the HBO show “Westworld” and discuss your favorite topics with like-minded users


Many people are surprised when they learn that this site full of funny quizzes and gifs is valued at over $1.5 billion. Buzzfeed is a huge player in the New York City startup scene, and their growth shows no sign of slowing down.


ZocDoc offers users the ability to find doctors, read reviews, and book appointments in one convenient app. The company has been a resounding success, and serves as a quality intermediary between patients and the healthcare system.

TV, Culture, and Fun Facts About New York, New York

  • The New York Post, founded in 1803, is the country’s oldest newspaper. [4]
  • Roughly 1 in every 38 U.S. residents call New York City home. [5]
  • The New York Philharmonic Orchestra, founded in 1842, gave its record-setting 14,000th concert in 2004. [6]

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