The growth of Philadelphia’s tech scene is a relatively recent phenomenon, but entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Telecommunications companies compete to offer these new businesses service, and residents of the city have multiple options when it comes to TV and internet. Whether you’re checking Facebook or catching the latest Phillies game, Philadelphia has you covered.

  • Only 1.2% of Philadelphia residents have access to just one provider. [1]
  • Internet service in Philadelphia is more competitive than 99% of cities nationwide. [2]
  • Over the past 13 years, Philadelphia has ranked second in the nation for the percentage of tech positions created out of total new jobs. [3]

Top 3 providers: Best Internet, Best TV, Best Bundle

Top Internet Provider

Verizon Fios

Top TV Provider


Top Bundle Provider

XFINITY from Comcast

Best Internet: Verizon Fios

The best option for internet in Philadelphia is Xfinity, with download speeds of 100 Mbps. While slightly slower than Xfinity’s 150 Mbps download, Verizon Fios uses a fiber optic network which is the gold standard for internet and generally more reliable than cable. Additionally, the service covers over 90% of the city, making it easily accessible to the vast majority of residents.

If you’re looking for a quality mid-tier plan, Verizon Fios has you covered, with 50 Mbps for around $40.

Best TV: DirecTV

For standalone TV service, the best option in Philadelphia is DirecTV. As one of the most expansive networks nationwide, DirecTV offers a wide selection of programming, excellent TiVo DVR equipment, and prices that are often much more affordable than traditional cable providers. Additionally, DirecTV has exclusive access to NFL Sunday Ticket, offering you comprehensive coverage of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Best Bundle: Comcast Xfinity

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options when it comes to bundling TV and internet service in Philadelphia. For many people, Xfinity is going to be both the best and only bundle option. With that said, the company offers some decent discounts when you bundle services together, offering a useful combination of quality and value.

What is the Cheapest Internet Provider in Philadelphia?

Cheap Internet options in Philadelphia. Image via 12019/Pixabay
The cheapest internet provider in Philadelphia is Verizon DSL with 3 Mbps download speeds for around $35 a month. For only $5 more, however, you can get a 50 Mbps connection from the company’s fiber service. The difference in connection quality and speed between 3 Mbps and 50 is extreme, so I highly recommend opting for the slightly more expensive option.

If the monthly internet bill is still out of your reach, consider checking out some low-income internet subsidies on Also, don’t forget about your local library; you’ll find free access to internet-connected computers in a pinch.

What is the Cheapest TV Provider in Philadelphia?

Xfinity, Dish, and DirecTV have basic plans all for around $50. Because DirecTV is generally a higher quality service, I recommend choosing that provider for an affordable package with access to over 150 channels.

With that said, you can access some basic channels for far cheaper with a basic antenna. You’ll be able to skip the monthly bill, but channel availability will be much lower. It’s by far the cheapest option, but not necessarily practical for most people.

Where can I watch Pac-12 Networks in Philadelphia?

Pac-12 Networks providers in PhiladelphiaRegional networks includedHD channels
Dish NetworkNo
fuboTVArizona, Bay Area, Los Angeles, Mountain, Oregon, WashingtonNo
Hotwire CommunicationsNo
Sling TVArizona, Bay Area, Los Angeles, Mountain, Oregon, WashingtonNo

Philadelphia Tech and Startup Scene

Philadelphia’s tech and startup scene is still in its beginning stages, but it’s growing at a rapid pace. While not necessarily a “tech hub” at this point, there’s still a combination of major companies and enterprising entrepreneurs that call the city home. As more people begin to see Philadelphia’s potential as a technology hotspot, the city’s industry will only continue to grow.


While Google is the undisputed king of search engines, they make a lot of their money through tracking and selling information on users. DuckDuckGo advertises itself as a browser sans ads and tracking, appealing to a market that wants a less invasive search experience.


ChargeItSpot has seen great success working with bigger companies to provide free, secure charging to their customers. Their charging stations are convenient and quickly expanding in geographic coverage, allowing people to keep their phones topped up while on the go.


Have you ever seen a product while out on the town and wished you could find it online? Slyce offers an intelligent scanning app that can analyze items you’re interested in and suggest similar alternatives online. Slyce is an innovative and unique company that takes advantage of the latest technology and contributes to Philadelphia’s thriving startup scene.

TV, Culture, and Fun Facts About Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • The Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia is the longest continually running theater in English-speaking history. [4]
  • The first general purpose computer was developed in Philadelphia in 1946. [4]
  • Philadelphia has been called the “mural capital of the world” with more than 2000 outdoor murals scattered throughout the city. [4]

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