As the capital of the United States, Washington, D.C. has a rich and storied history. Unbeknownst to most, the city also houses a thriving startup scene.

Internet and TV companies in the city compete to offer internet to tech companies and residents alike, so you’ll have many different choices for service. Whether you’re spending an afternoon watching Netflix or catching up on the latest Washington Wizards game, the city has a lot to offer.

  • The download speed average in Washington, D.C. is 50.72 Mbps. That’s more than 16% faster than the national average. [1]
  • The Washington, D.C. TV and Internet industry is more competitive than 100% of cities in the U.S., with over 8 providers available to most residents. [2]
  • Washington, D.C. is ranked as the 4th most desirable city for startups nationwide. [3]

Top 3 providers: Best Internet, Best TV, Best Bundle

Top Internet Provider


Top TV Provider


Top Bundle Provider

XFINITY from Comcast

Best Internet: RCN

The best internet provider in the Washington, D.C. area is RCN. With speeds available up to 155 Mbps, it falls behind Cox Communications’ 200 Mbps connection. However, RCN is available in far more areas, and you can get their maximum connection for less than $30 a month. A 155 Mbps download at that price is virtually unheard of, and is a great deal for D.C. residents.

Best TV: DirecTV

DirecTV is one of the top TV providers nationwide, and is the best option for TV only service in Washington, D.C. With a huge selection of channels, premium DVR equipment from TiVo, and a comprehensive sports package featuring exclusive NFL content, it’s a great way to binge your favorite shows and keep up with the Washington Redskins.

Best Bundle: Comcast Xfinity

If you’re looking for the best bundle in Washington, D.C., you’ll likely get the most bang for your buck with Xfinity. Bundles offer steep discounts, and you can get blazing fast internet and almost 300 TV channels for less than $100 a month. Additionally, you’ll gain access to Xfinity’s millions of WiFi hotspots nationwide, allowing you to check the Washington Nationals scores on the go.

What is the Cheapest Internet Provider in Washington?

Washington DC capitol building.
Cheap Internet options in DC: not always easy to find. Image via
Jorge Alcala/Unsplash
It’s a rare occurrence that the best and cheapest provider in a city are the same. RCN’s 155 Mbps connection is actually the cheapest available at around $30. In other cities, you’d likely get around 10 Mbps for the same price. Washington residents can take advantage of the Telecom competition and save money while staying connected.

If $30 is still a little out of your reach, you can visit for low-income internet subsidies. Alternatively, you can head down to your local library for free access to the world wide web.

What is the Cheapest TV Provider in Washington?

The cheapest way to watch TV in Washington, D.C. is to purchase an antenna. If you’re after a wider selection of channels, however, there are several options for cheap standalone TV plans.

Xfinity, Dish, and DirecTV all offer basic plans for around $50 dollars a month. Out of the three choices, I recommend taking a closer look at DirecTV. The company is one of the top TV providers in the U.S., and the breadth of content and quality of service is generally superior to both Dish and Xfinity.

Where can I watch Pac-12 Networks in Washington, D.C.?

Pac-12 Networks providers in Washington D.C.Regional networks includedHD channels
CenturyLinkArizona, Bay Area, Los Angeles, Mountain, Oregon, WashingtonYes
Click!NetworkOregon, WashingtonYes
Dish NetworkNo
FiOS TV from FrontierOregon, WashingtonYes
Fubo TVArizona, Bay Area, Los Angeles, Mountain, Oregon, WashingtonNo
Sling TVArizona, Bay Area, Los Angeles, Mountain, Oregon, WashingtonNo

Washington, D.C. Tech and Startup Scene

As mentioned above, Washington, D.C. is one of the top locations nationwide for new startups. In recent years, the government has released a number of new programs to help new companies in the city thrive, such as the DGS Small Business Initiative, and the increased support combined with low fees for investors make it a perfect hub for the tech industry.

One of the biggest hurdles for tech startups in general is funding, and the ease of access that Washington offers allows more people to take on the risk of starting a new business.


From its launch in 2009, HelloWallet has seen great success and secured funding in excess of $12 million. As a web and mobile application for businesses, its primary goal is to provide personalized financial advice for employees and motivate them to take appropriate action.

APX Labs

While the idea of smart glasses has yet to catch on with the general public, there’s a decent amount of adoption in the business environment. APX is a leader in enterprise level smart glasses software technology, and continues to see rapid growth.


In an increasingly online world, businesses are often vulnerable to a criminal techie population: hackers. EndGame creates automated hacker detection tools and stop hacks before they happen to protect companies from nefarious influences.

TV, Culture, and Fun Facts About Washington, D.C.

  • President Jimmy Carter holds the record for most movies watched in the White House Theater with over 480 films. [4]
  • The Washington Redskins were actually originally based in Boston. [4]
  • D.C.’s subway system sees the largest amount of traffic outside of New York, with over 9 million weekday riders. [4]

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