AT&T has been refocussing on mobile service in recent years, but their DSL and Fiber Internet plans still offer the best speed for value in many areas. They also provide a solid bundling option for DirecTV or U-Verse TV customers, and can beat the price of cord-cutting depending on your viewing needs.

My two cents: if you don’t watch much TV, call and ask for their cheapest Internet-only plan and get the DirecTV NOW separately. If you’re a sports and NFL fan, go for the DirecTV + Internet package. Everyone else that wants full-featured cable should go with U-Verse.

All current TV bundle plans

PlanPriceTV PlanSpeedPhone
U-verse TV & Internet$75.00U-family50/6.0mbps
DIRECTV & Internet$75.00DIRECTV SELECT50/6.0mbps
U-verse TV & Internet$75.00U-family50/50mbps

All current Internet-only “cord cutter” plans

Business Internet 50$50.0050/10mbps
Internet 1000$90.001,000/1,000mbps
Internet 100$50.00100/100mbps
Internet 300$70.00300/300mbps
Business Fiber 50$50.0050/50mbps

How to get AT&T Internet and TV Installed

Installion Checklist

  • Adult must be present during installation window.
  • Have keys ready in case technician needs basement access.
  • Move furniture away from walls in areas where you want TVs installed.
  • Ask Technician to test and verify all equipment works properly before leaving.

There are two options for installing AT&T Internet: professional installation and self-installation.

Professional installation comes with a small fee for most plans and regions. Self-installation is recommended for customers who want to save a few dollars and don’t mind setting up their own router and home network. AT&T provides easy-to-follow instructions in either case.

In the case of technician installation, AT&T usually is able to send someone to turn on your service within a couple days. In my experience, they’re pretty flexible about this and will reschedule at no extra cost if you call 48 hour beforehand.

Self-installation essentially means that they send you a kit in the mail with the equipment and cables needed to hook up to preexisting wiring in your home. Obviously, this option may not be available if your home hasn’t been wired for AT&T before.

Overall, I recommend that Internet-only customers do a self-install. TV customers should go ahead and get a professional installation, since the setup is more complicated and they’ll be able to connect multiple TVs throughout the house in a couple hours. Unless you’re an IT wiz, this will take days to do yourself and is likely to result in technical issues down the road.

How to save on AT&T Bundles

AT&T has more bundled options than other providers, which can be a bit confusing if you’re coming from a cable provider like Spectrum. Their bundle deals are a good deal for long-term customers who watch a wide variety of programming, but less ideal for those who only watch TV every other day, or only watch one or two shows consistently.

If you fall into the latter category, or are interested in “cord cutting” to save money, AT&T has been putting a lot of resources into building up their streaming service, DirecTV NOW. I’ll be writing up a detailed review of this next month once I’ve had a chance to try it out a bit more. So far, I’m pretty impressed, and the mobile viewing options for AT&T mobile customers are hard to argue with. (Unlimited streaming with no data caps.)

More information about DirecTV NOW is available here through their web ordering portal.


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    Dave Dayanan says

    Thanks for the article. Views and inputs are helpful indeed.


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      Mike says

      Can I play uverse app on iPhone to tv


      1. Image of Adi Marcovich
        Adi Marcovich says

        Hi Mike, assuming you have U-verse service, yes you should be able to use the U-verse app on most TVs and devices. It is also designed to let you use your smartphone as a remote, if so desired. If you're having trouble setting it up I recommend calling their support line to check compatibility with your TV.


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