RCN ostensibly stands for “Residential Communications Network,” but “Really Cheap Netflix” might be a better moniker for this cable provider, known for their unlimited streaming policy and reasonably priced TV packages.

They were also one of the first US providers to build out fiber, and offer above-average speeds up to 1,000 Mbps.

I’ve boiled down the terms and conditions and compiled the latest local RCN deals so you can skip the boring parts and skip straight to the binge watching. No judgement 😉

All Current RCN TV Bundle Deals

PlanPriceTV PlanSpeedPhone
$39.99Digital Basic TV50mbps
$59.99Digital Basic TV500mbps
$99.99Signature TV1,000mbps
$59.99Digital Basic TV250mbps
$64.99Digital Basic TV500mbps
$49.99Digital Basic TV50mbps
$109.99Signature TV1,000mbps
$54.99Digital Basic TV250mbps
$69.99Digital Basic TV1,000mbps
$74.99Digital Basic TV1,000mbps

All Current RCN Internet-Only Plans


RCN Installation Process

RCN Equipment List

  • DVRs
  • Digital TV Boxes
  • Modems and Routers
  • CableCARDs

The RCN process varies from region to region, with the common theme being that they often offer it for free — particularly if you’ll sign a year contract. Some things you should generally keep in mind:

First, tou should always talk with the technician about wiring and outlets before he/she starts working. Second, it’s mandatory for an 18-year old (or older) adult to be present during the installation. Finally, you should have all the devices you want connected at home on the day of the appointment.

If RCN’s technicians are not on time, you’ll get a $20 credit. It’s not much, but it’s a nice little perk. Another thing worth mentioning is that RCN provides two-hour service windows seven days per week.

RCN DVR Options
RCN offers a decent selection of DVRs, and all of them are powered by Tivo. Basically, you’ve got the:

  • 2 Tuner DVR – Record two HD shows simultaneously, access RCN On Demand, and store up to 45 HD hours.
  • 4 Tuner DVR – Record four HD shows simultaneously, access RCN On Demand, store up to 75 HD and 650 SD hours (a total 500 Gigabytes), and get to upgrade to the Whole Home Bundle (watch TV in whichever room you want).
  • 6 Tuner DVR – Record six HD shows simultaneously, access RCN On Demand, store up to 150 HD and 1,000 SD hours (a total of 1 Terabyte), and get to upgrade to the Whole Home Bundle (watch TV in whichever room you want).
Digital TV Boxes

Here is what RCN offers for TV boxes:

  • Digital Converter Box – 100% digital channels + Dolby Digital surround sound, an interactive program guide, and the ability to order Pay-Per-View events with your remote.
  • HD Converter Box – Access to “brilliant HD channels” (according to RCN), 100% digital channels + Dolby Digital surround sound, an interactive program guide, and the ability to order Pay-Per-View events with your remote.
  • HD/DVR Converter Box – Built-in DVR features that let you record, pause, and rewind live TV, the ability to record two shows while watching a previously recorded one, store up to 20 HD hours and 90 SD hours, and full access to RCN On Demand.

RCN Modems and Routers

Does RCN Offer CableCARDs?

RCN’s CableCARD lets you enjoy digital programming without needing a set-top box — provided you have a digital-ready device, of course.

While their CableCARDs don’t support two-way services, at least they’ll only cost you around $2/month.

RCN provides their customers with a secure modem that is right for people who are more interested in using email, social networking, and doing online shopping. RCN makes it possible to upgrade said modem to a 1 Gig DOCSIS 3.1 version if you opt for one of RCN’s 1 Gig Internet deals which offers significantly faster Internet connection speeds.

If you want, you can also choose one of RCN’s WiFi routers. It’s a great choice if you want to link your laptops, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and mobile devices to your modem.

RCN offers a WiFi router + modem combination too, which is an ideal choice if you’re more interested in streaming HD video content, working from home, and downloading large files.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that all of RCN’s router and modem equipment come with the same fees, namely around $10/month.

How to Save on Equipment

Piggy bank on a table with techie tip overlayed as text.
If you’re thinking about getting Internet service besides TV services, you should know that you can actually “bring your own modem”, as RCN puts it. That will save you around $10/month, so approximately $120/year.

Though, you must ensure your modem is compatible. For reference, here are the minimum requirements:

  • You modem must have 24 downstream channels and 8 upstream channels.
  • The modem has to be DOCSIS 3.0. RCN does not support customer-owned DOCSIS 3.1, nor does it support EURODOCSIS cable modems.
  • Lastly, the modem’s speed must be anywhere up to 330 Mbps (megabits per second).

If your modem doesn’t meet those requirements, I recommend buying one that does instead of renting. In the long run, it’s a better deal.

You can also perform a self-install if you want, as RCN offers a helpful tutorial. According to many consumers, installation fees generally are in the $49,95-range.

Just keep in mind that most of their online deals and bundles come with a free installation. So, if you don’t want to bother with that extra hassle, you don’t have to.

RCN Bundles: How Do They Compare to Cord Cutting?


  • No contracts
  • Free installation if you order online
  • Phones feature a digital voicemail
  • No early termination fees
  • Fast Internet connection speeds (up to 1000 Mbps)
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Limited availability for their services and bundles
  • Small hidden note regarding the 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Internet speeds can vary and are not guaranteed
  • The channel variety could be better
Guy on laptop.
RCN’s lack of data caps makes it a solid choice for cord-cutters.
Let’s start with the positives.

First, I really liked the fact that RCN has a no-contract policy. At the same time, they also don’t have early termination fees if you cancel the service in advance of the 12-month service duration.

Other things that make RCN’s bundles a good option include:

  • The 30-day money-back guarantee they offer
  • The fact that all their online deals offer a free installation
  • Their extremely fast Internet connection speeds that reach up to 1000 Mbps
  • The fact that RCN’s phone feature a digital voicemail

The only complaints I have is that RCN’s services and bundles are only available in six states, the fact that, according to their fine print, Internet speeds are not always guaranteed (so they can vary), and the fact that their channel variety isn’t the best out there since even the priciest of bundles only boast about 289+ channels.

Also, you should know that to take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee, you must return all of RCN’s equipment and disconnect all their services in the first month of service. Unfortunately, they don’t make that too well-known.

All in all, RCN’s bundles offer decent value if you are looking to add phone and Internet services to the mix.

RCN Deals: Top-Notch Deals and Perks Hindered Only by Limited Availability and Channel Selection

RCN’s Best Feature: The Lack of Contracts

Consumers don’t like being locked into long contracts (or any contracts at all, for that matter), and RCN obviously knows that. That’s why they avoid putting pressure on their customers with such a policy. When you consider the lack of early termination fees and the 30-day money-back guarantee, everything just gets better.

There aren’t many TV providers out there that offer deals and bundles that are so customer-centric. RCN’s equipment is varied, you can easily take advantage of a free installation, they offer 24/7 support, and your investment is safe during the first month.

It’s just a shame RCN’s services are only available in a few states, and that their channel selection doesn’t stand out enough. DirecTV is a common alternative in many areas.

If you’re not completely sure RCN is the way to go, though, you can also try checking out our Optimum by Cablevision deals.