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For help understanding the cheapest package that includes your must-have sports channels, call 844-298-9664 to speak with an agent. To compare DirecTV’s sports offers with Dish, check out my lineup of the best sports TV packages.

With DirecTV’s sports package, you’ll find regional sports channels from around the country. You’ll find the following channels in the DirecTV Sports Pack, however note this content does change by region:

Sports NetworkChannel
Comcast SportsNet Bay Area696
Comcast SportsNet California698
Comcast SportsNet Chicago665
Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic642
Comcast SportsNet New England630
FS Arizona686
FS Cincinnati661
FS Detroit663
FS Florida654
FS Midwest671
FS North668
FS Ohio660
FS San Diego694
FS South646
FS Southeast649
FS Sun653
FS West692
FSN Southwest676
Longhorn Network667
Mid-Atlantic Sports Network640
New England Sports Network628
ROOT Sports Northwest687
ROOT Sports Pittsburgh659
ROOT Sports Rocky Mountain683
SportsTime Ohio662
ESPN Buzzer Beater / ESPN BAses Loaded . ESPN Goal Line615
ESPN College Extra788-798
MLB Network Strike Zone719
Univision Deportes455
The Outdoor Channel606
ESPN Classic614

What DirecTV sports channels are available with each base package?

Here’s a guide to the sports channels available on each of DirecTV’s packages:

212NFL Network
213MLB Network
215NHL Network
217Tennis Channel
218Golf Channel
219Fox Sports 1
220NBC Sports Network
221CBS Sports Network
455Univision Deportes Network
602TVG – The Interactive Horseracing Network
604Pursuit Channel
605The Sportsman Channel
606Outdoor Channel
610Big Ten Network (BTN)
611SEC Network
614ESPN Classic
618Fox Sports 2
620beIN Sport
630Comcast SportsNet New England
631YES Network
634Madison Square Garden (MSG)
635MSG Plus
639SportsNet New York
640Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN)
642Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic
646FSN South
649FOX Sports Southeast
653Fox Sports Sun
654FSN Florida
659ROOT SPORTS (Pittsburgh)
660FSN Ohio
661FSN Cincinnati
662SportsTime Ohio
663FSN Detroit
665Comcast SportsNet Chicago
668FSN North
671FSN Midwest
676FSN Southwest
681Altitude Sports & Entertainment
683ROOT SPORTS (Rocky Mountain)
686FSN Arizona
687ROOT SPORTS (Northwest)
692FSN West
693Prime Ticket
694FSN San Diego
696Comcast SportsNet Bay Area
698Comcast SportsNet California

What other sports channels can I get with DirecTV?

You can add additional packs like the NFL Sunday Ticket, which gives you access to every Sunday NFL game of the season, NBA League Pass, with over 40 extra games per week, MLB Extra Innings, with over 40 extra games a week, or NHL Center Ice, also with over 40 extra games per week.

If you’re more into soccer, you can choose from MLS Direct Kick (for every game of the season), Fox Soccer Plus (with games from UEFA, Champions League, FA Cup, UEFA Europa, and Scottish Premier League plus rugby), and International Soccer (live from around the world) packages.

You’re also able to order Pay Per View live fights, including boxing and MMA.

Basically, whatever your flavor of sport, DirecTV have an add-on that will help you get the most of the season, all from your lounge room.

What is the difference between local and national sports channels?

Piggie bank with tech tip.
Pro Tip: there are almost always promo codes available online for DirecTV Pay-Per-View sports events like MMA Fight Nights.
Local or regional sports channels are generally included in your DirecTV package already, without the sports package add-on. This may include your local teams in football, hockey, baseball, and basketball. If DirecTV doesn’t have a partnership agreement with the broadcast networks in your area then you may not receive this content. The sports pack includes all regional sports channels, and throws in some more national sports channels, too. These national channels may include other less popular sports like tennis, golf, etc.

What baseball channels do I get with DirecTV?

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On the base package, you’ll likely get access to one or more regional channels that may screen your home team’s games. With the sports pack, you’ll receive all regional baseball games providers through partners of DirecTV on various regional channels. For baseball fans looking for the most games of the season, you’ll want to add-on MLB Extra Innings.

What football channels do I get with DirecTV?

You’ll find your home team playing on your included regional sports channel/s if DirecTV has managed to come to an agreement with the regional broadcast provider. If you choose to add the sports package you’ll be able to screen all the regional stations they have access to in other areas of the country, too. For the widest coverage, you’ll need to check out the NFL Sunday Ticket add-on.

What hockey channels do I get with DirecTV?

If DirecTV has agreements in place with broadcasters in your region, you’ll be able to view your local team through regional sports channels available with DirecTV basic packages. The sports package adds on all regional channels available across the country, however for the biggest amount of games screened you’ll need to add on NHL Center Ice.

What basketball channels do I get with DirecTV?

NBA All-Star Game 2010 at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX.
Image via Rondo Estrello/Flickr

Through your regional sports programming included with every DirecTV package, you will be able to watch your local team’s basketball games – so long as DirecTV have an agreement in place with the broadcast provider. The sports package gives you all these regional channels so that you can watch other teams play around the country. If you want to be able to watch all the basketball and not miss a thing, you’ll need to pick up the NBA League Pass.


  • Image of steve zimmett
    steve zimmett says

    so I do not get nhl network with the entertainment package, nor the golf channel?


    1. Image of Adi Marcovich
      Adi Marcovich says

      Correct Steve, they don't include those channels until you bump up to the "extra" tier. NHL is available from cheaper streaming sites like FuboTV but keep in mind the games are sometimes "blacked out" due to network rights, so DirecTV Extra is one of the only ways to guarantee access at this point. Alas.


    2. Image of Mike
      Mike says

      Just last night I added the Sports Pack so I could get the RSN's. I expected to be able to watch more hockey and the upcoming baseball games. I got the channels until the actual game came on then I got the message saying I'm not subscribed to that channel. What's the point of paying extra for these channels if you can't watch the games they broadcast.


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