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Optimum provides unlimited streaming with no data caps on their Internet connections, making them a good fit for cord cutters and techies. Their upload speeds don't compete strongly with true fiber, but their cable TV service is comparable to their competition in terms of HD channels.

Deciding on a cable provider can be a difficult process, and it’s easy to get confused with the vast amount of information out there. In this review I’ll be covering Optimum by Cablevision — a TV, Internet, and phone provider that provides service to the states of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

I’ll go over the pros and cons of the service to try to give you a sense of whether or not Optimum is the best provider for you.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Internet hotspots for access on the go
  • Good sports coverage
  • Optimum app allows mobile TV viewing
  • Play casual games for free on your TV
  • Over 150 HD channels


  • Slower internet connections
  • Customer reviews are mixed
  • Lacking some channels
  • Bundles aren’t great
There are both benefits and drawbacks to service with this provider. They have some great sports options and mobile TV, but they fall a little behind on internet.

Optimum by Cablevision has a lot to offer customers overall in terms of price-to-value. With mobile internet access, convenience features for TV, and quality sports channels, it’s a good pick for frequent TV viewers.

While Optimum by Cablevision definitely does a good job in all categories, I feel that it falls short of “excellent” in a few different areas. A cable connection rather than fiber leads to slower internet speeds, customers report variation in quality of service, and even premium packages lack a few channels.

Optimum By Cablevision Internet Performance: Network Review

The headquarter building of Cablevision
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Optimum provides cable internet service, which delivers content through coaxial TV lines. The speeds with cable internet are much faster than those of Dial-Up or DSL, and will suit the majority of customers just fine.

With that said, it’s important to note that cable is no longer the gold standard for internet service. Fiber Optic internet, while expensive to implement, provides a connection that is several times faster than that offered by cable.

Verizon is one of the few providers with an extensive fiber network and generally outclasses Optimum when it comes to internet service. Heavy gamers or streamers may want to look into different options than Cablevision due to the service’s lower speeds.

With that said, the speeds of Optimum are more than reasonable for moderate use. As long as you don’t do a ton of 4K streaming or heavy downloading you should be more than fine with the speeds offered by Optimum’s higher tier internet packages.

Speeds offered

Optimum by Cablevision   
PlanDownload (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)Data
Optimum 25255Unlimited
Optimum 606025Unlimited
Optimum 10010035Unlimited
Optimum 20020035Unlimited
Optimum 30030035Unlimited

Bundled Services

Like most cable providers, Optimum by Cablevision offers a few different bundles that will vary in price based on your location and current available offers.

What I have noticed, however, is that the bundle deals aren’t as discounted as some other providers. Keep in mind, however, that the prices of Optimum are generally lower than a service like Verizon. So, at the end of the day, you still might be getting a better deal with Cablevision even without the steep discounts.

Optimum offers the following bundle packages (availability and price will vary based on location and current promotions):

Internet and Phone – Around $50 a month for 12 months. Optimum 25 internet. Unlimited nationwide calling.

TV and Internet – Around $80 a month for 12 months. Optimum 50 internet. Over 245 channels.

Optimum Triple Play – Around $85 a month for 12 months. Optimum 50 internet. Over 245 channels. Unlimited nationwide calling.

Keep in mind that these prices are an estimate and only likely to be guaranteed for the duration of the initial contract. It’s often possible to call as your contract is nearing completion and haggle your way down to a similar price point moving forward.

Optimum by Cablevision TV service: TV Features

  • Many on-demand programs available
  • Watch on the go with the Optimum mobile app
  • Informative and helpful program guide.
  • More than 150 channels in HD
  • Favorite specific channels for easier access
  • Use the TAG channel to play your favorite mobile games

Out of all the services that Optimum by Cablevision offers, their TV plans are probably the best. While internet falls behind a few providers due their use of coaxial cable rather than fiber optics, the TV generally keeps up with the best of them.

The higher tier plans are still missing a few channels when you compare them to similar providers, but for the vast majority of users these channels won’t be missed.

Cablevision Sports packages

National Football league player on their starting position.

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Optimum by Cablevision also offers some pretty good sports packages. The majority of your coverage will come from the Optimum Sports and Entertainment Pak which offers coverage of over 25 different sports.

Fans of College Sports will be happy to hear of the Optimum College Sports Pak, an additional package totally devoted to the best in collegiate athletics.

If these two packs don’t meet your needs, there’s also additional “à la carte” options available as individual addons. Outside of very niche sports, it’s likely that your viewing interests will be covered by Optimum’s TV services.


Cablevison tv remote
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Optimum by Cablevision provides DVR options in several tiers, just like the majority of TV providers.

The main difference between the DVRs offered is whether the unit is for a single TV or available for use in multiple rooms. As is to be expected, you’ll pay an additional monthly fee for your DVR, and this price will be higher when opting for a multi-room setup.

As far as DVRs go, Optimum’s is pretty average in storage but light on features. It definitely gets the job done, but falls short when compared to companies like TiVo that base their entire business around fully-featured DVRs.

A standard DVR from Optimum has support for around 75 hours of HD programming. If you watch SD content you’ll get a lot more out of it. If you’re good about keeping up with your recorded shows, it probably won’t be an issue. If you’re looking for tons of storage for months of content, however, you may need to look elsewhere or consider a more expensive model.

Optimum by Cablevision – Main Advantage: Budget Pricing and Great TV

If you’re looking for a great deal on service and like a quality TV service, Optimum by Cablevision should be right up your alley. While it’s not the most premium option on the market – even for television – it makes up for the lower amount of channels with a generally more affordable price.

Equipment and Installation Considerations

Optimum By Cablevision charges a monthly fee to rent their equipment. It’s pretty low, but still worth mentioning since it’s added onto your bill. It is possible, however, to buy your own modem and pay for your modem yourself rather than paying the company a monthly bill. I wouldn’t recommend this for those without some technical knowledge, however.

Installation of the service is around $60, and covers installation of whatever package you go with. Keep in mind that the installation usually takes a couple of hours, so block off a portion of your day to be around for the technicians.

Our Verdict

While Optimum by Cablevision definitely has some drawbacks, I feel comfortable recommending it as a good option for TV, internet, and phone service. While it doesn’t provide the maximum speeds or the largest amounts of channels, the service is just fine for the vast majority of users. If you’re looking for quality service with affordable prices, give Optimum by Cablevision a closer look.

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