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Update: As of June 13, 2018, the cheapest plans available from Xfinity start at $29.99/month. You can view the latest Xfinity deals and promotions here, or call (855) 860-3089 to check which packages are available at your specific address.

As the Buddhists say, “the only constant is change.” It’s true of life, and it’s certainly true of Xfinity’s pricing.

Xfinity, AKA Comcast, has been experimenting with some pretty wild pricing strategies the last couple years. One of the more head-turning offers was the “$19.99/month” offer that included Internet, TV, and Phone service for less than most of us spend on our coffee habit.

The bad news: like many good things in life, the $19.99 offer disappeared nearly as quickly as it came into our lives.

The good news: Some of Xfinity’s latest regional deals are almost as affordable.

How to get Xfinity’s best budget offers

The real trick I’ve found with Xfinity deals is to negotiate and add-on services. Particularly if you want to avoid a lengthy 1–2 year contract, the bundled price for TV, Internet, and digital phone tends to be pretty pricey (around three times $19.99 for Internet-only, and around $100-175 for triple play Internet/TV/phone bundles.)

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So what can you do? My recommendation: sign up for month-to-month Internet-only and wait for a Comcast sales rep to call you up a few days after installation with an “unbeatable TV add-on offer.”

…Believe me: they will call. I call these “add-on offers,” and they’ve been a core part of Xfinity’s game plan lately. In most cases, you can get basic cable (now called “Xfinity Digital Starter”) added to your Internet service for around $10/month and wind up with a total 1-year cost around half of what’s advertised on the Xfinity website. Xfinity Digital Starter is a pretty decent package as “starter” packages go, with 140+ channels and mobile viewing options.

The catch with these is the same as any cable Internet plan: the price tends to creep up slowly, then jump to a higher “final price” after the first year. So, the strategy outlined above works best for short-term customers. Long-term customers are probably better off jumping for an established bundle with some sort of locked-in pricing, or considering alternatives to cable such as DSL and Fiber that tend to have more stable long-term pricing.

Why doesn’t Xfinity offer cheap plans near me?

Like most cable Internet providers, Xfinity has what’s called “regional pricing.” Rather than charging the same thing to everybody everywhere, Xfinity charges based on the going rate in your local market and quality of their network in that area. This is great for customers in area where this results in a cheap price (often around $35–45/month for Internet-only once you factor in fees and taxes) and “not so great” for those of us in areas with higher prices and fewer options.

So what’s driving prices down in some parts of the country? Well, on the TV side, Xfinity is, of course, battling both satellite television companies, Dish Network and DirecTV, not to mention the various streaming services and hybrid streaming offers (Sling TV, Roku, etc.).

Add to that new players like AT&T U-verse and Verizon FiOS, and you can see why low priced Xfinity deals are being offered. The thinking, of course, is that once a customer signs up, they will stay with the provider even if the price goes up after the introductory period. In some cases, the promo price only lasts six months before jumping up to the final rate.

What features come with “basic” Xfinity Voice?

Formerly known as Comcast digital voice, Xfinity’s current VoIP (Voice over IP, or “Internet phone”) includes unlimited local and long-distance calling with this service, along with several calling features. Some of the options include three-way calling, caller ID, online voicemail access, call waiting, and anonymous call block along with your local phone number. Another thing that’s kind of “fun” about Xfinity voice is that you can use it on any Wi-Fi enabled device.

Most important tip for getting the best Xfinity price: Confirm the Final Price

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Call (855) 860-3089 to check Xfinity plans and pricing at your address.
To recap my tips on getting the cheapest Xfinity plan possible:

  1. Get the cheapest Internet-only plan then wait for a promo call
  2. Consider streaming or DirecTV if your favorite channels aren’t in the Digital Starter pack
  3. Confirm the final price if you plan to be a long-term customer
  4. Call once a year to negotiate your price and remove unwanted features/add-ons

Xfinity doesn’t have to be as pricey as it looks on their site. Give these tips a try, and don’t rule out competing options like DSL and Fiber. Even if there are only a couple real choices in your area, you can always switch if you aren’t happy. (Just watch out for those long 2-year agreements… they come with termination fees!)

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